Handmade Harmony Hide-Away

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This page lists a few Websites of friends & family, some of the many Hornby Island links, and a wide selection of links devoted to Peace. The family ... your hosts, are pictured below. The other photos are by naturalist photographer, Michael Wheatley and many more can be found at his website, also listed below.

This page is perpetually under construction. Thanks for your patience.

Your host

Friends & Family

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Michelle and Chardonee
Sunrise Bagley path

Hornby Island Sites



Hornby Island's realty magazine, featuring information about Hornby attractions, a detailed map, answers to frequently asked questions and

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Camas and Buttercups White fawn
The front deck|
This is the front deck at the height of summer -- a great place to kick back in the sun.
  Art work at the Hideaway
There's artwork everywhere to enjoy.
Stormy weather
Sometimes it rains -- so come prepared to enjoy a book, wander in the rain, sit in the hot tub or just nap the day away.
Sand dollar
On nearby beaches you can hunt for sand dollars and sea glass or just pretty rocks.